About Do You Need a Hug?

“Do You Need a Hug?” is a comedy showcase where comedians are encouraged to tell their sadder material, and after every set the host will ask the audience if that performer needs a hug. If the audience votes yes, we’ll take a volunteer (or several) to give that performer a big hug.

But wait, don’t go! It’s not as sad as it sounds! We all know that bummers are a huge part of life, and we’re not trying to get anyone down in the dumps. The show is all about enjoying ourselves and empathizing and laughing together. We take volunteers from the crowd if they’d like to tell a sad story, as well. This is a safe space!

Here are some quick rules:

  1. Don’t be creepy
    These are friend hugs, so keep your squeezes friendly, folks!
  2. Don’t be a dick
    Self-explanatory, but always a nice reminder.
  3. If a performer makes a crying motion, everyone in the audience should go, “AWWWW” as loud as they can.
    This is just more fun than anything else.



November 18th – Washington, DC
Handsome Cock
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December 16th – Washington, DC
Handsome Cock
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January 20th – Washington, DC

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